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June 13-14th Free Jump Clinic and Jumper Schooling Show

Le Bonheur is happy to announce we will be hosting a free jumping clinic and jumper schooling show!

Please join us Saturday June 13th for a free jumping clinic and Sunday June 14th for a fun day of jumping. This show is meant to serve as an opportunity to practice jumper rounds in a friendly encouraging atmosphere for all levels of horses and riders!

The free jump clinic will begin at 9 am on Saturday. Each entry will have a 45 minute time block, and will receive training from Daniel Sarango to teach the horse how to jump safely and with a good technique through a jump chute.

Daniel Sarango has experience presenting young horses in the chute at the Young Event Horse Series and Young Horse Series. He also has experience preparing stallions for approval and is a producer of young horses for eventing and show jumping. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the Young Horse Show coming up June 27th at Le Bonheur!


The show will begin at 9:00 am on Sunday and go through the divisions until we run out of riders.


Greenie - cross rails

Tadpole - 18” max.

Starter - 2'3" max.

BN- 2'6" max.

Novice - 2'11" max.

**Team Jumper Round**

Training - 3'3" max.

Prelim - 3'6" max.

Intermediate - 3'9" max.


Cost for the free jump clinic is $100 with stabling included.

Cost for the show is $20 per class, $10 for an additional round in the same class. $10 grounds fee unless stabling overnight.

Stabling is available for $40 per night. Must be reserved in advance.


Entries: Entries may be mailed or emailed in or you can sign up the day of the show.

Negative coggins required for all horses on grounds and all riders must sign releases before mounting.

Please send entry information to:

Le Bonheur Equestrian

c/o Daniel Sarango

1699 Berry Bennett Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705


Checks made payable to Le Bonheur Equestrian. Venmo payment to @Anna-Bosworth-1.

For more information please contact us at (706) 847-8737, or send us a Facebook message.

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